Simple steps towards CryptoLocker Protection

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We have been asked about CryptoLocker ransomware and how to protect against it.









 Here are some simple steps to help ensure your don’t fall victim to this horrible malware.

1. Ensure your computer is 100% up to date, run windows update and install all updates available, when it has finished restart your PC and check again.

2. Make sure you have the most up to date versions of java and adobe flash player and adobe reader, you can check by visiting the following sites:-

If you use another PDF program like foxit then check it is up to date.

3. Most installs of CryptoLocker come from email attachments, always triple check an email before opening an attachment, if it is a zip best not to open it at all. Check all attachments carefully as many are now disguised like using ‘’ as an extension.

4. Make sure you have an up to date virus checking program installed, if you run XP (you should be looking to get away from XP ASAP!) then you can download AVG from or if using any other Windows you can download Microsoft Security Essentials from

5. Check your system with a anti malware scanner such as Malware Bytes or Panda Cloud Scan, you can download them from here:-

Both offer free versions or trials.

6. Do not use peer to peer file sharing services or any websites which may contain links to download software. Make sure your internet browser is up to date. Consider using Google Chrome which you can download below which will update automatically.

When using Chrome you can also install ad block for Chrome which will help declutter your browsing and find it easier to see what are genuine links when using the net.

7. Make sure your files are backed up! at least 2 copies of the data to be safe. Our online cloud backup system stores upto 20 copies of each file so if the worst should happen could restore the older versions that have not been infected.

In conclusion a lot of protection against this type of threat is based around using the web safely and sensibly, that free page to view world cup games online might be housing malware, that file from HMRC re a tax refund is almost certainly packing a virus.

If you would like our help and advice please call a member of the team on 01375 800607 or email

Thanks for reading.