International malware attacks low…

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After the recent WannaCry and GoldenEye malware attacks, the threat from malware and cryptolocker may seem low but this is very much a false safety net. In reality our systems are blocking literally tens of thousands of attacks per month to our clientbase. The ‘hackers’ are very much active and trying different methods everyday.

The next attack may be just around the corner. When it comes to the current malware and locker trends it is a question of when and not if, you or your company will be targeted (over 50% of SMEs have suffered a security attack in the last 12 months).

At Twister, we always try to speak plain English in regards to all things IT. On that basis please relate to the following…. ‘once the horse has bolted’ it is too late to close the stable door!

If you are a client of Twister Solutions and would like to know how protected you are then there is a simple scale of 1 to 10. Please email with any subject, i.e. ‘security check’ ‘protection check’ etc. and we will check your systems and reply with a score and any recommendations we can make to ensure your business is as safe as possible when it comes to these malicious attacks.

The cost of keeping secure along with, having regular monitored and tested backups alongside security is around 8 times less than fixing the disruption and downtime. Any disruption or downtime will dramatically affect staff ‘downtime’ which will in turn, affect the financial impact greatly.

This is an ever changing digital threat which is not going to go away so every business needs to ensure they are as protected as much as possible. In 2018, with the onset of GDPR, (new legal legislation) this means businesses of all sizes will be liable for massive fines in the event of a successful attack or data breach.

We are here to help now and make sure you are as protected as you can be against attacks, data breaches and fines.

Twister Solutions are proactive , knowledgeable yet forward thinking and friendly company that can help and advise on all your IT requirements.

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