Sales Scene
Cloud Services
Size: 5 employees
Sector: Social Media & Online Marketing
Offices: 1
Featured Twister Service: Cloud Email




The team were looking for a hosted solution that ticked all of the boxes in regards to disaster recovery, remote working and team collaboration. The previous email system was preventing some emails arriving with certain recipients and team members, and as a result, there was a risk of losing business, and affecting customer experience which all created unnecessary worry. The size limitations of the mailboxes were also causing issues, as clients needed to regularly send content for their online marketing campaigns through email.



In order to prevent the team losing customers and for them to be able to provide the best possible client experience, we responded to their request very promptly, and over a weekend, we implemented our Exchange Cloud hosted email solution to allow the team to have the latest version of Outlook on both their PCs and Apple MacBooks.



All of the existing email, contacts, calendar were backed up and then imported into the Twister Exchange system, once everyone was set up with mobile and desktop devices, they were able to benefit from a massive 30GB mailbox and a far better email system control, ensuring are always ready to stay in contact with their clients.

Caroline Thomas, MD of Sales Scene said the following about their experience:

"The Twister Solutions team were able to identify our email issues and used their technical expertise to provide a very timely response, all within budget. We were concerned that our clients were not receiving all the information that they needed, and Twister Solutions completely understood the need for a quick win and went the extra mile to ensure that the solution was implemented as quickly as possible, with the flexibility to meet our ever changing business needs, and the myriad of devices that we use in our business. Our thanks to all of the team at Twister Solutions for their ongoing help and expertise!"


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