Remote Backup Install Guide

You can download the latest version of the software on the following links:

Backup Installer Windows

Backup Installer Mac OSX

Set up live drive on your device or desktop.

1. Go to personal live drive address (e.g.
2. Enter username and password (we can provide these if you cannot find them)
3. If Windows PC choose Microsoft download if Mac Apple Run downloaded Mac file
4. Click yes
5. Sign in using same username and password
6. Tick all the folders
7. Next Finish Go to arrow at the bottom by the time
8. Go to Twister LiveDrive icon on taskbar and choose Manage back-ups
9. Go to C drive
10. Tick all folders needing back up
11. Go to Settings tab
12. Set to only scan between 20:00 to 04:59 (Or any out of hours times that apply to you)

To see if your files are being backed up with live drive

1. Go to the live drive icon on taskbar
2. Right click and choose view your LiveDrive online