On the Move?

Twister Solutions are highly experienced in the relocation of IT equipment if you are moving office or in the middle of refurbishment. Much of this work can be carried out outside normal working hours, to minimize disruption to your business and staff. It is our combination of professional engineers, secure transport options and dedicated insurance policy that allows our clients to feel safe in the knowledge that their data and devices are secure.

We have aided companies in the stressful time of relocating to ensure the servers, PC’s and infrastructure is ready when your staff come in to work following a move. We have provided server moves, PC transportation and whole data centre relocation. Our service is flexible too, designed and planned around your industry and your premises.

Expert Advice

With any major relocation we ensure a Twister Solutions team member is on site the first day after, to help answer any questions and give the staff less stress so they can get on with their daily tasks. Whatever your business size we are the reliable option for office moves. If you have valuable equipment that needs transporting then get in touch today.

Our IT relocation Services Include:

  • Server Relocation
  • Data Centre Relocation
  • Desktop PC Relocation
  • IT Rollout
  • Moves and Changes
  • Data Cabling / Rack Cable Management
  • IT Hardware Disposal

If you would like more information you can contact us here or make an enquiry here.