Protect your Business Data

For businesses across the world, the data that is stored on company computers can be absolutely vital. But what happens when those computers crash, losing your data and leaving you without critical information for the running of your business? Whether it is because of fire, flood, theft or simply an issue with the device itself, to remotely backup your files is the only way to guarantee your data is secure.

Your account information, customer database and email data are all able to be stored remotely and therefore accessed at any point, regardless of damage to your personal machine. The ability to recover data such as this is priceless, making it an essential expense to guide against threats. For what is a small price to pay you can make sure that when the worst happens, your business will carry on.

Remote backup services at Twister Solutions are priced from £175 per year, fantastic value when you consider the damage you are able to prevent.

Our Remote Backup Includes:

  • Options can include unlimited backup space
  • Many revisions of each file saved
  • Mobile application support, including iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Flexible price for packages to suit all
  • Secure with military grade encryption
  • PC, Mac and Server Compatible
  • No hidden charges

Twister Remote Backup:

The program we use to back up your files was designed and developed in-house by our expert team of Cloud specialists. The Twister Remote Backup automatically backs up your files based on a schedule provided by you, meaning each machine can receive different instructions. It is simple to use and accurate, backing up to many revisions of a file to guarantee it is secured.

The best part is that your data is accessible from anywhere thanks to its remote storage location. Phones, tablets and laptops can all be utilised effectively, meaning your work can follow wherever you lead.

If you would like more information you can contact us here or make an enquiry here.