The Security to Protect your Business

The importance of IT Security for your business cannot be underestimated. As more sophisticated threats are released online, you need proactive defence to remain safe. Our experience of IT trends and security risks allows us to develop new technology geared towards protection. Whatever threats your business faces, we have the knowledge to deflect them.

The Twister Solutions consultants advise on how to protect your business from all kinds of threats which, if unprotected against, can damage your business. This can include firewalls, anti-virus, backup and disaster recovery. We have recently seen an increase in the number of businesses with unprotected wireless network access, effectively leaving the door open to anyone who wants to access your data. We not only shut this door, we bolt it.

Should you have issues then we can also help you develop plans for office relocation or working from home. We realise the importance of keeping your business functioning throughout adversity and so keep you secure should the worse happen.

Our Tech Security offers:

Threat Detection
We respond quickly and effectively to threats thanks to a comprehensive understanding of your security protocol and potential risks to your business.

Incident Response
At Twister Solutions we have a series of well-honed procedures in place that enable us to contain and deflect threats to your company’s security.

Global Intelligence
We identify threats based on global trends. It may sound extreme but full understanding of the risks your business faces is the best way to protect against them.

Social Threats
We are able to lock down your network on a more intimate scale too, preventing members of your staff spending too long on social networks during working hours and providing reports on usage across your business network. This increases productivity among your employees.

Disaster Recovery
It’s vital to plan for the worst. We hope it will never happen but should it then you must be prepared. We can help you develop a disaster recovery strategy that ensures your business feels as little disruption as possible and keeps functioning at its highest level.

You can view our security product showcase here.

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